Tropical Peacock by Madeleine van der Knoop


Limited Edition of 8
Artist: Madeleine van der Knoop

An original work by renowned sculptor Madeleine van der Knoop, the crystal “Tropical Peacock” design is realized by crystalworkers in Daum’s ateliers using the lost wax technique. The crystal sculpts light and reveals the elegance of the peacock and its luxuriant plumage. The nuances of blue-green and violet, enhanced by the bird’s sparkling diamond and amethyst eyes, highlight the beauty of this ornamental creature, made possible by Daum’s unique savoir-faire. This work of art makes a strong statement in any room with its spectacular presence and fine finishes.

• Eyes in amethysts and white diamonds mounted on yellow gold
• Crest in pearls and crystal
• Base in polished black granite
• Beak in gilded bronze

Additional information

Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 190 × 130 × 115 cm


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