Louison by Alain Choisnet (Limited Edition of 125 Pieces)


Self-taught sculptor Alain Choisnet was born in 1962 in Fougères, France. At an early stage, the diversion of objects and sculpture gave an orientation to his creativity. Having exploited realistic formalization from various materials, sometimes giving birth to monumental sculptures, he now approaches a more expressive figuration. Bronze, by its warmth and nobility, has become his favorite material to convey a more emotional message. His artistic approach tends to suggest to the spectator notions, inspiring calmness and serenity. As femininity seems ideal to him to communicate these qualities, he wishes to offer a soothing vision of women with modesty and sensuality. The sculptures of Alain Choisnet exalt feminine beauty, immortalizing a gesture, an emotion, an attitude. Louison, in soft pink “pâte de cristal”, has a natural and juvenile charm and immerses you in a particular emotion.

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Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 23 × 19 × 44.5 cm
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