GALATEA by Jean-Philippe Richard


Galatéa, by sculptor Jean-Philippe Richard, is recognizable by the strong mark of this artist who has collaborated with Daum since 2002, always through sculptures of slender women. The artist explores poetry and feminine delicacy, going beyond the constraints of reality, through long slender silhouettes. Jean-Philippe Richard is a French sculptor, born in 1947, Paris. He first started his artistic journey with painting and creating natural mosaics, before venturing into sculpture in the early 1990s. Jean-Philippe Richard prefers to work without a model, allowing him to overcome the constraints of reality. The artist has chosen “women” as his favourite subject to sculpt. Through his sculptures, Jean-Philippe Richard has been exploring the non-realistic female form. A theme equally dear to the Maison Daum, a collaboration between the artist and the Manufacturer was evident.

In sublime shades of pink and purple, Galatéa is a large sculpture made of crystal paste, by the particular technique of lost-wax, a true know-how of the Daum crystal factory, which allows the creation of sculptures with meticulous details, and with a silky and luminous rendering.

Additional information

Weight 12.4 kg
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 69 cm

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