Ceyx by Dominique Vial


Limited edition of 99

Alcyone is the youngest of the seven Pleiades, daughter of the Titan Atlas and Pleione. With her husband Ceyx, they form a very happy couple. One of the legends of Alcyone and Ceyx recounts that, filled with vanity due to their great happiness, they compare it to that of Zeus and Hera. This earned them the transformation into Alcyons (fabulous birds resembling kingfishers) for Alcyone and Seagulls for Ceyx. Limited to 99 editions, these two sculptures in tones of pink-amber or grey-amber offer a soft and romantic version in contrast to the other more intense version, evoking the sky’s incandescence before nightfall. Crafted from crystal paste, these sculptures depict a fantastical flight in the history of Art. Standing at a height of 50 cm, these two pieces required 12 kilograms of crystal for their creation.

Additional information

Weight 5.9 kg
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 50 cm

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