Madeleine van der Knoop is a distinguished Belgian sculptor, born in Brussels in 1953. This talented artist dedicates a true cult to nature and pays tribute to it through her work. True masterpieces, the sculptures of Madeleine van der Knoop reveal an intense realism, while revealing a personal touch. She possesses a particular talent to reinterpret human or animal figures taken on the spot in her sculptures.

Madeleine van der Knoop’s works are known and recognized on the international scene for her bird sculptures in bronze, her favourite medium – a material that according to the artist, precisely reveals the state of mind and the specific characteristics of each animal. She observes her subject in great detail before creating a sketch of her work, where movement occupies a primordial dimension. A re-edition of the Gyrfalcon Hawk was born from the rich collaboration between Madeleine van der Knoop and Daum. This year, the hawk is presented in warm shades of amber, grey and pink. The Animal Art collection at Daum expands with the addition of this magnificent bird of prey in a realist style that makes a reference to the art of falconry. Perched on a beautifully patinated bronze base, the almighty hawk is adorned with jet-black obsidian stones and a gilded beak in 24k gold. The meticulous detail of the sculpture is yet another testament of the incredible talent of the Daum craftsmen.

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Dimensions 28 × 22 × 66 cm

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