Amber grey pink Balthazar by Jean-Louis Sauvat Limited edition of 275 pieces


Jean-Louis Sauvat is a French sculptor and painter born in 1947. A rider, trainer and lover of horses, he spends time with them daily. This universe dear to the artist is the greatest source of inspiration for his artwork. He has illustrated many equestrian works and has produced monumental works such as the mural frescoes of the Grandes Ecuries of Versailles. Always on a constant search for innovations, he devotes himself to endless experimentations with forms of expressions and materials, such as charcoal drawing, resin, plaster, cardboard, and bronze. The Maison Daum collaborates with Jean-Louis Sauvat and presents works of his favorite universe – horses. This specific work reveals the modeling of the material, which bares the behaviour of a horse when in freedom.

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Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 19 × 43 × 54 cm

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