Prestige Eagle by Madeleine van der Knoop 8ex Limited edition of 8 pieces


Limited edition of 8 pieces

Known and recognized on the international scene for her bird sculptures, she observes her subject in great detail before creating a sketch of her work, where movement occupies a primordial dimension.

An astounding piece in “pâte de cristal” is born from a new collaboration between Madeleine van der Knoop and Daum. A symbol of glory, power, and also victory, the royal eagle is considered in mythology as the bird of the Gods, thus becoming the allegory of spiritual elevation.

The Prestige Eagle “L’Aigle Prestige” in Daum crystal demonstrates an exceptional mastery of the lost-wax technique. The sculpture accentuates the impressive power of this bird of prey, and its spectacular and imposing posture reveals a particular domination out of the ordinary.

L’Aigle Prestige in Daum crystal, demonstrates an exceptional mastery of the lost-wax technique. The crystal sculpts light, and conveys all the strength and beauty of this imposing bird of prey to this spectacular presence.

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Weight 206 kg
Dimensions 110 × 85 × 250 cm

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