New Collections
This season, the Daum creative team dived into the Caribbean Sea, on the coast of the Riviera Maya, to encounter the natural wonders of this underwater world. Rays, dolphins, fish, corals and crustaceans live in harmony and dance a fascinating waltz. Off the pale sandy beaches interspersed with coral reefs, incredible marine life develops, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the Daum creation, which imagines impressive pieces, full of movement, in blue tones that evoke crystal clear waters.
Maya Collection
The Maya collection is made up of a magnum vase and an imposing centerpiece, a large vase, a bowl and sculptures of seahorses and fish. The magnum vase and the large model vase are sculpted with rays and dolphins swimming in harmony in the ocean. Their respective silhouettes are at first confused, hidden by the waves.
Punky Fish by Patrick Rougereau
The poetry and boundless creativity of Patrick Rougereau gave birth to a fantastic sculpture, the Punky Fish, today crystallized by the Daum house, in sublime shades of blue and amber colors. The crystal brings a play of light dear to the artist’s eye and gives it a whole new emotion.

“I dreamed of this enigmatic animal one day. So the fish and the bird met to create this spooky animal. The Punky Fish is born!”

Evidence by Laurence Bonnel
Laurence Bonnel, renowned French sculptor, has been collaborating with Maison Daum for more than seven years. With Daum, she creates pieces with intense and deep colors that reveal new emotions – a way of nourishing the soul through art.

Faithful to her quest to demonstrate the interaction between Man and solitude, expectations and perspectives, Laurence Bonnel offers us her work Evidence, representing two bodies – a couple – facing each other in a captivating mix of blue and gray . Their love is obvious, immortalized, solidified in crystal paste.

Daum revisits the elegant Camélia collection with a new color. The sculptural details of this delicate flower reflect the talent of Daum’s master artisans. More than 300 hours of work were devoted to creating the original pieces in this collection. The large vase and the small bowl have been available in this soft white color to complete this romantic and delicate collection.

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