New Collections
This year, Maison Daum is setting the tone for new romantic collections in a captivating, chic and bohemian universe. The crystal factory takes us on a journey with its new artistic collaborations and its colorful collections around its flagship theme: the rose. For this new season, Daum uses a setting of powdery colors, pink, amber, gray and blue to host elegant and poetic works.
Rose Royale Collection
Daum’s new floral collection, Rose Royale, reveals a world of timeless elegance. A flight of roses embroidered on precious fabrics creates extraordinary vases, a majestic centerpiece, a delicate decorative rose. Referring to Marie-Antoinette’s passion for gardens and flowers, the collection evokes French gardens, extreme refinement and the French art of living.
Le Livre du Baiser by Dominique Vial
Sculptor Dominique Vial and Maison Daum present a poetic work “The Book of the Kiss”, a book open to two mouths which come together in a loving dialogue. A declaration of love that is lived, written, and crystallized in a beautiful intense red.
Amber Le Retour by Laurence Bonnel
This season, the artist offers a new look at the work “Le Retour”. Like a symbol, a hymn to love, this new piece is adorned with warm colors and delicate shades of amber and pink and offers us a new representation of an embracing couple. Pure and stylized to the extreme, this couple crystallizes this indefinable love and imposes itself with grace and elegance in the subjects signed by the Daum catalog which navigate between naturalism and the abstract.
Masque de verre Ambre by Jean Faucheur
Today, for Daum, the artist Jean Faucheur decides to give a new look to the work “Masque de verre” published in 2004 in blue, by bringing a new amber color, the iconic color of crystal making. Through this change of color, he seeks to reinforce his point by questioning the perception that we can have of a mask, a face or a silhouette. The artist plays with shapes as with paper, the face is made up of folds where the absence of details excites our perception and our recognition of a face. As contemporary as it is timeless, thanks to the artistic gesture of Jean Faucheur, this work of art questions us and forces us to review our codes.
Alcyone and Ceyx by Dominique Vial
Today for this new collaboration with Maison Daum, the French sculptor decides to give a new interpretation to her art and is inspired by Greek mythology, with two pieces “Alcyone & Ceyx”. Legend has it that Alcyone and Ceyx formed such a happy couple that they committed the folly of comparing their flamboyant love and extreme happiness to that of Zeus, king of the gods, master of the universe and Hera his wife. To punish them for their insolence, they transform them into ordinary birds. Male or female, the curves of these bodies express the intention of the subject and thanks to a play of colors and transparency, the artist supports certain shapes which give real character to his sculptures.

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