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Can I have a part evaluated at DAUM?

DAUM cannot evaluate collector’s items of products created by the Manufacture.

DAUM can only possibly attest to the manufacture, marketing and signature of the product with regard to all DAUM collections and the numerous archives at its disposal.

DAUM can only give the value of the public prices of the products present in its catalogs, however this has no expert value.

Only a licensed expert or a commissioner can give financial values ​​on products not listed in the current catalogs. These experts and commissioner can be easily found from search engines on the internet.

How can I repair a fallen or broken part? Is everything repairable?

Due to our manufacturing technique and the peculiarities of DAUM crystal, each piece is unique and their repair is not always materially possible. The customer who is at the origin of the repair request therefore acknowledges having taken note of the technical constraints of the crystal and the fragility they generate. Thus, DAUM declines all responsibility in the event that the part is irreparable or irreplaceable and / or the intervention made on the said part would result in any partial or total damage to the latter.

To do this, a first assessment, by the Daum quality service, is carried out on photos, to assess whether a repair is possible. However, although possible on a photo, this does not imply that it is in reality, it is only a subjective opinion which will have to be confirmed via a more in-depth expertise.

After DAUM’s agreement and if the repair can be considered on a photo, the part can be returned to the factory for expertise, confirmation of feasibility and repair estimate.

A return slip will be sent to the owner of the part to be repaired and / or to all persons who will send it. All returns must be accompanied by this slip (completed, signed and or stamped by the owner of the part and or any person who can replace it), which must be clearly fixed on the top of the package (any shipment not accompanied by this duly completed and signed slip will not be taken into account)

We recommend taking all necessary precautions in the packaging and shipping of the part which by nature is very fragile and therefore must be packaged and shipped accordingly. DAUM cannot be held responsible for damage caused to the part during transport, even though it has not made a reservation on the delivery note.

Please note, postage due shipments are refused by DAUM.

  • On estimate expressly accepted by the customer (owner of the part or any person who can replace it), the repair is carried out and the part returned to the customer. If after expertise the possibility of repair is not confirmed, the part is returned to the customer as is.
  • In view of the development of certain manufacturing techniques and equipment, DAUM may recommend (without this in any way binding it) to contact an independent craftsman to repair certain old parts.

In all cases, transport and insurance costs are the responsibility of the customer.

How to maintain the brilliance of Daum pieces?

We recommend that you maintain your Daum products with a soft, dry cloth of the microfiber type, especially without adding water, detergent or maintenance.

In the case of agglomerated dust, we recommend:

  • Wash in clean tempered water, without detergent
  • 24h drying
  • Applying liquid wax with a brush or spray from the Daum maintenance kit, then drying again
  • Polish with a soft, lint-free cloth

If the part has bronze or other metal parts, it is best not to get them wet, and simply dust them off and then polish with a soft cloth.

Regarding usage recommendations, we recommend the following points:

  • Do not position the part outside, or protected from the sun and bad weather
  • Avoid positioning directly near a too strong heat source in order to avoid thermal shocks

These are recommendations only and have no binding value. DAUM cannot be held responsible for the use and or maintenance that is made of DAUM parts after their purchase.

Are all Daum products present on the e-shop?

No, the importance of the Daum collections does not allow us to be exhaustive on our website.

In addition, some parts are particularly heavy, it will not be possible to order them online.

Finally, as many pieces are in limited editions, only pieces whose numbers (editions) are available can be offered.

However, we invite our customers to go to one of our points of sale or to contact them in order to collect the information sought and / or to proceed with the purchase of a part that is not present on the e shop on the website www.daum.com.sg.

Can I have products sold on the website delivered outside of Singapore?

Yes it is possible to deliver to some countries outside of Singapore.

They are: Brunei, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Timor-Leste, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand.
Please check shipping rates upon check out or contact us for more information.

Are DAUM products Made in France?

All Daum crystal is manufactured in our Vannes-le-Châtel and Nancy sites located in eastern France.

Are all DAUM products handmade or is there an industrial chain?

Each Daum piece is a unique piece, resulting from an artisanal manufacturing process, made entirely by hand, using the technique of glass paste, applied to crystal.

Is Maison DAUM the origin of Art Nouveau?

Maison Daum is recognized as one of the essential actors of the Art Nouveau style, actively participating in the artistic wave of the School of Nancy, alongside famous artists such as Emile Gallé, Louis Majorelle or Jacques Gruber. This school will bring the refinements of Art Nouveau to their ultimate level in all areas: architecture, furniture, etc.

The Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1900 rewarded Daum with a grand prize and brought him international notoriety. Innovative, Daum dresses electric light with glass for the very first time.

Is the DAUM family still in charge of the company?

The last leader belonging to the Daum family is Jacques Daum. He succeeded Michèle Daum in 1965 and presided over the destiny of the company for more than twenty years.

The Daum family is still represented among the minority shareholders of the company and is therefore present at General Meetings.

Can I order personalised products?

Daum carries out special deals around the world for many clients: individuals, architects, decorators, luxury hotels …

Daum’s know-how and manufacturing techniques allow the realization of special cases, followed by dedicated teams. However, for certain works resulting from collaboration the agreement of the artist will be essential to the realization of a special order.

You can send your special deal request to one of our stores or authorized resellers.

Considering the difficulties of setting up and managing our collections, we reserve the right to refuse such requests, without explanation.

We cannot offer to use our tools, ovens and molds and for individual requests.

Why do you sell certain pieces only in 8 copies?

The edition of a piece in 8 copies corresponds to a regulated practice in the art world.

In Art or in design, the original work can exist in several copies, generally numbered and signed by the author: none is unique, but each copy is the work, all being identical. This practice inaugurated by sculptors with fonts has been adopted in general in Art and is enshrined in a fiscal text.

What are the numbers on your limited editions?

Daum publishes many pieces in numbered limited series.

The numbers engraved on the coin indicate the number of the coin in numerator, on the total mintage in denominator.

For example a piece from a limited series of 99 copies will be numbered: 1/99, 2/99, 3/99…

What does "glass paste" and / or "crystal paste" mean?

Glass paste is a rare and old glass technique that dates back to antiquity: By a process of foundry and lost wax casting, this artisanal technique allows the creation of sculptural pieces.

Daum rediscovered it in 1968 by reworking it with crystal. This unique know-how is still operated today by the best master glassmakers.

This artisanal technique ensures a very particular rendering of material, impossible to obtain with a traditional technique of blown crystal. Shine, intensity, nuances of colors and bubbles, are the singularities of Daum crystal paste pieces.

What is the procedure for returning a product ordered online?

In accordance with article L 121-21 and following of the Consumer Code, the customer has a right of withdrawal that he can exercise within fourteen calendar days following the date of receipt of the package. In the event that the period expires on a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday, it is extended until the next working day. Items must be returned in their original packaging (in good condition), complete, new and unused with the return slip available on the “www.daum.com.sg” site.

The cost of returning items under this right of withdrawal will remain the responsibility of the customer and sent by Fedex or DHL to the following address: Daum Pte Ltd, 290 Orchard, 304-04/05, Paragon Shopping Centre, Singapore 238859.

What payment methods are there on the online store?

Payment is made online by credit card. The bank cards accepted are those of the Visa / MasterCard / American Express networks.

Payments are debited when the order is shipped. In the case of an online credit card payment, the order is deemed to have been placed on the date of validation of the payment for the order by the Customer. Consequently, the deadlines indicated on the “ www.daum.com.sg  Site run from that date.

How to reach customer service?

DAUM customer service can be contacted by phone on (65) 6100 2312 and by email at boutique@daum.com.sg

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