In a bewitching spectacle, the new collections of the Daum crystal factory take you to the United States in the city of Palm Beach, a dream destination with the greatest density of artists, celebrities and sun. Like a journey under the date palms of Florida, the novelties are inspired by the beauty of this grandiose nature to imagine a collection of vases and bowls decorated with gold by hand or accessorized with bronze.
Palm Beach Collection
The Palm Beach collection fits into the plant collections of the crystal factory and blends with finesse and elegance with the Voyage tropical or Bornéo Tropical collection: an invitation to discover the botanical splendours, symbols of the most designer city in Florida. Palm trees and tropical foliage come together in a contemporary style, the palm leaves face the sun and the shades of the sea are reflected in it.

Daum Universe

Daum presents a number of different crystal collections:
Interior architecture, Art editions, Floral collections, Animal sculptures, Gifts and Jewellery

Tressage Paradis Collection

Animal Collection

Art Editions

Flower Universe

Interior Architecture

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