This year, Maison Daum is setting the tone for new romantic collections in a captivating, chic and bohemian universe. The crystal factory takes you on a journey with its new artistic collaborations and its colorful collections around its flagship theme: the rose.
Rose Royale Collection
This season, the crystal factory unveils its new floral collection: Rose Royale, in a world of timeless elegance. Referring to Marie-Antoinette’s passion for gardens and flowers, the collection evokes French gardens, extreme refinement, and the French art of living in a captivating flight of roses embroidered on precious fabrics.

Daum Universe

Daum presents a number of different crystal collections:
Interior architecture, Art editions, Floral collections, Animal sculptures, Gifts and Jewellery

Tressage Paradis Collection

Animal Collection

Art Editions

Flower Universe

Interior Architecture

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